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Vitner's Harvest Premium Wine Yeast Collection

Barley and Vine proudly offers a complete range of professional winemaking yeasts which have never before been available to the home winemaking enthusiast.

New strains of wine yeast are continuously being isolated and adopted by commercial vineyards and winemakers but, as with so much regarding winemaking, they remain a closely guarded secret.

Vintner's Harvest entered into an exclusive yeast strain screening program with a leading yeast and ingredient supplier to the European commercial winemaking industry. This program considers only specialist wine yeast strains used commercially in Europe and identified a complete wine yeast range for all varieties of Grapes and Fruit. The screening process involved 3,000 separate fermentations over a two year period.

Instructions for Use: Do not re-hydrate Vintner's Harvest yeast before addition, but add directly to your must/juice noting the following:

-To avoid extended lag time and risk of bacterial contamination ensure must/juice temperature is above 68 degrees F for the start of fermentation and for at least the first 24 hours.

-Control fermentation temperature within the range specified for each strain. As a general rule, ferment between 68 and 75 degrees F unless cold fermenting is desired for flavor/aroma development

-All yeast strains are sensitive to excessive osmotic pressure, incorrect pH and nutrient insufficiency. Due care and attention to must/juice preparation is important.

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