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Great place for just about everything you could want for making beer , wine, and cheese, oh yea they sell craft beer too! - Steve C.

I just learned this place fills growlers. Was waiting at the door when they opened today. The growler selection is great along with the selection of craft beer. Everyone inside was so helpful and nice I could have hung out all day except I was ready to get home and enjoy my fresh full growler. It is great to have a place like this on the southside and they will be getting plenty of business from myself and friends. - Keith B.

AWESOME service! We buy brewing kits from Barley and Vine. Great service, fast shipping, awesome products! They are great! - Kathy K.

Finally a great craft beer selection on the Southside! And a growler bar to boot! Along with Jailhouse, these guys are really pioneering the craft beer culture on the Southside of Atlanta. Hands down the best craft beer selection with the most knowledgeable people you will find in Henry County. Growler prices are about a dollar or two higher than places a intown, but that is the premium you pay. - John W.

These guys KNOW THEIR stuff. Best selection of homebrewing supplies in Georgia that I've seen. They also put together kits for certain styles of beer. I want to make some cider. Can't wait to get some fruit and use the apple press to get the juice. Cheers, guys! - Brad H.

Stopped in for a free class on wine/cider making. Found it incredibly informative and helpful. The owners obviously care a lot about beer and wine culture. Beyond that, the supplies are all there and decently priced. - Adam F.