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Gluten-Free Brewing

One of the wonderful opportunities we have a brewers is to explore and develop recipes using grains other than the traditional gluten-containing grains, which include malt, wheat, and rye. Currrently, commercial breweries offer a small number of gluten-free (GF) beers, such as Red Bridge by Anheuser Busch. Other regional breweries are developing GF beers, but they are often not widely available.

If you can't buy it, BREW IT!

I plan to gather and post a variety of GF Brew recipes for you to try. I have brewed a number so far and plan to brew more. It is an interesting challenge. Come and join me in this adventure! Your friends who may not be able to drink regular beer anymore will love you for it!

I will be adding additional GF grains and sugars shortly. I will also be adding a few recipes you might like to try, including the Belgian Saison I brewed recently and ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!

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