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What do I need to start distilling?

Below is some information detailing the differences between our Turbo 500 distiller and our Turbo Air Still:

It’s a 4 step process to create your own liquor:

Step 1- create a wash (water, sugar, purifying ingredients) to ferment
Step 2- boil fermented wash in still to collect pure alcohol
Step 3- filter pure alcohol
Step 4- flavour filtered alcohol to create desired product

We sell 2 different stills:

1- Turbo Air Still which has a boil volume of 1 gallon and produces 60% pure alcohol.
2- Turbo 500 which has a condenser and boiler sold separately. The Turbo 500 has a boil volume of 6 gallons and produces 93% pure alcohol.

Depending on which still you choose dictates what ingredients and materials you’ll need to produce alcohol.

If you choose the Turbo Air Still you’ll need the “Air Still Companion Pack” filtration system. To create your wash you’ll need 5 lbs of corn sugar and our “Air Still Fermentation Kit” which includes all the materials (turbo yeast/nutrient, turbo carbon, fining agent) needed to make a 2 gallon wash yielding approximately 1500 ml (.4 of a gallon) of alcohol.

If you choose the Turbo 500 you’ll need the “EZ Filter” filtration system. While you could use the “Air Still Companion Pack” to produce a 2 gallon wash we also sell individual packages of Turbo Yeast, Turbo Carbon and Fining agent portioned to make a 6 gallon wash yielding approximately 4500 ml (1.2 gallon) of alcohol. The individual packets require 15 lbs of corn sugar.

We have several varieties of Turbo Yeast to choose from