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Bottling Your Wine

Preparing Your Bottles for Bottling Wine

There are two important steps involved when you prepare your wine bottles at bottling time. Your bottles must be clean and sanitized.

Cleaning Your Wine Bottles

Your bottles must be clear of any dirt and residue.

  • New Wine Bottles: consider this step complete and now you are ready for the final step.

  • Reusing Wine Bottles: must be cleaned with either B-Bright or PBW. Soak your bottles in a solution of B-Bright or PBW for 30 minutes.
  • You need to use a bottle brush to get inside the bottle and scrub in the bottom corners of the bottle with the cleanser. Be sure to scrub the outside of each bottle. Thoroughly rinse each bottle, inside and out.

Sanitizing Your Wine Bottles

You sanitize to eliminate the germs that are on the inside and outside of your wine bottle.

Fill the Bottle Sulphiter reservoir with a Potassium Metabisulfite and water solution. Mix 1 tsp of Sulfite and ˝ tsp citric acid in 1 gallon of water. With the bottle over the top nozzle, pump up and down and the Bottle Rinser will spray the solution into your wine bottles. This will cause the release of sanitizing gases that will remain in the bottles. Place upside down on the Bottling Tree so they can drain. There’s no need to rinse. After 20 minutes, your bottles are sterile. Your bottles are now ready for wine!