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Beer Bottles

** Beer Bottles do not qualify for Flat-Rate Shipping. Actual shipping rates will be applied at order processing. **

If you have just begun homebrewing, the 12 oz. bottle is the long standing size of choice. For many brewers, seasoned and novice alike, we use these bottles for the brews we enter into competitions, give to friends, and keep in the fridge when we're in the mood for "just a glass".

The 22 oz. "bomber" is a popular bottle for many because instead of filling and later emptying two 12 oz. bottles, we grab a 22 oz. glass and...well, you know the rest of the story!

The flip-top bottles are great for special occasions. Or really, for no occasion at all! They open with a crisp "POP!" and pour nicely into a European Pint glass. One of the advantages of the 16 oz. flip-tops is that you don't need a capper or caps. Fairly green if you ask me!

For the brews you plan to bring to the family occasions, parties and other occasions, the 1 liter flip-tops are a real hit! Again, no need for bottle-openers and no caps. These flip-top bottles come in Brown, Colbalt Blue, and Clear.

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